How to install a custom font, Google font, and Adobe font to the Shopify store?

Welcome to our article on adding custom fonts to the Shopify Dawn theme! Fonts play a crucial role in enhancing the visual appeal and brand identity of your online store. With the flexibility and customization options available in the Dawn theme, integrating your own custom fonts is a breeze. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of adding custom fonts to your Shopify store using the Dawn theme. Whether you want to match your font choices with your brand guidelines or create a unique typography style, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s dive in and unlock the power of custom fonts in the Shopify Dawn theme!

Step 1: Choose Your Custom Fonts:

Before diving into the installation process, you’ll need to select the custom fonts that align with your brand image and preferences. Numerous websites offer a wide range of free and premium fonts that you can download. Look for fonts that are visually appealing, legible, and compatible with web use. Once you’ve made your selection, download the font files onto your computer.

Step 2: Prepare Your Font Files:

Shopify requires fonts to be in specific file formats for optimal performance. Typically, these formats include Web Open Font Format (WOFF) and Web Open Font Format (WOFF2). If your downloaded fonts are not in the correct format, you can use online font converters to convert them.

Step 3: Upload Font Files to Shopify:

To upload your custom font files to Shopify, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  2. Navigate to the “Online Store” section and click on “Themes.”
  3. In the “Themes” section, locate your currently active theme and click on “Actions.”
  4. From the dropdown menu, select “Edit code.”
  5. In the “Assets” folder, Upload your font files (WOFF and/WOFF2).

Step 4: Modify Your Theme’s CSS:

Now that your font files are uploaded, you need to modify the CSS of your Shopify Dawn theme to apply the custom fonts. Follow these steps:

  1. In the “Edit code” section, locate and click on the “Assets” folder.
  2. Find and open the “theme.css” or “theme.scss.liquid” file.
  3. Within the CSS file, identify the section where you want to apply the custom font (e.g., body, headings, paragraphs).
  4. To add your custom font, use the @font-face rule. For example:
@font-face {
  font-family: 'CustomFontName';
  src: url('{{ 'fontfile.woff' | asset_url }}'),
       url('{{ 'fontfile.woff2' | asset_url }}');
  /* Add additional font properties if necessary */

body {
  font-family: 'CustomFontName', Arial, sans-serif;

Replace 'CustomFontName' with the desired name for your font, and 'fontfile.woff' with the file name of your font in the Shopify assets folder.

5. Save the changes to the CSS file.

Step 5: Preview and Publish:

After modifying the CSS file, it’s time to preview and publish your changes. Follow these steps:

  1. Return to the Shopify admin panel and click on “Preview” to see how your custom fonts look on your store.
  2. Ensure that the fonts are displaying correctly and that they enhance your overall design.
  3. Once you are satisfied with the preview, click on “Publish” to make the custom fonts live on your Shopify store.

Conclusion: By installing custom fonts in your Shopify Dawn theme, you can transform the visual appeal of your online store and reinforce your brand identity. This step-by-step guide has provided you with the necessary instructions to select, upload, and apply custom fonts effectively.

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